WATCH: Republican Senators Argue Against Full Immunity For a President

Donald Trump is facing plenty of legal issues and is terrified of going to jail. In a desperate bid, he appealed to the Conservative-leaning Supreme Court to grant him full immunity. Many Republican lawmakers, fully in thrall to Trump, are backing the play. 

At least two GOP  Senators, both of whom have spoken out against Trump in the past, don't believe he should receive what he seeks. Thom Tillis and Bill Cassidy both said on Monday that they don't believe that there should be fully immunity for United States Presidents. 

CNN's Manu Raju asked, "Then there’s a separate question about whether Donald Trump deserves absolute immunity from criminal charges. That is an argument that they are making before the Supreme Court. Could essentially block two federal criminal cases that he is now facing. And that’s the question that I put to a number of senators last week. Some of them don’t agree with Donald Trump’s argument."

"I don’t believe anybody deserves absolute immunity," Tillis said. "You know, the fact of the matter is the last thing I want to do. That sounds a whole lot like the position we got rid of when we fought the Revolutionary War. Kings have absolute immunity. I don’t believe presidents should."

Cassidy responded, "If a president ordered the assassination of Manu Raju. I don’t think they should be held immunity."