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WATCH: Republican Lies About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Inspire Q-Anon Threats To Her Safety

WATCH: Republican Lies About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Inspire Q-Anon Threats To Her Safety

Leading up to the confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Republicans lied and misrepresented her record, falsely implying she had a history of being soft on child sex abuse. Now, q-anon fanatics are looping this into their own conspiracy theories, and the resultant threats could pose a genuine danger.

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Senator Josh Hawley led the charge to falsely implicate Judge Jackson in the protection of criminals who pose a danger to innocent children, cherry-picking rulings and even misrepresenting Jackson’s probing questions to experts as her own policy views. The American Bar Association experts who testified at Jackson’s confirmation hearings put these lies to rest — or at least, tried to.

Unfortunately, q-anon adherents don’t always put a lot of stock in plain facts, and the conspiracy network is skilled at hijacking the protection of children from sexual abuse as a tool to promote outrageous unrealities and push dangerous threats. (See, for example, pizzagate, in which a man showed up with a rifle at a pizza shop because he genuinely believed false stories about a Clinton-linked child sex ring in the non-existent basement of the restaurant.)

Now, see below — Patriot Takes spotted a Trump supporter calling for someone to step up and give Judge Jackson “the chainsaw treatment.”

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Note that the original poster even credits “Q” for the assertion that “crimes against children [will] unite the world” — as he shares his video proposal for the “chainsaw treatment.” In another video on the poster’s public Instagram account, he declares that he hopes all the “godless neighbors” think he’s “out of [his] mind or crazy or whatever”– and warns them, “You’ll soon see. You’ll soon see.”

In yet another, he declares himself the son of Vladimir Putin and calls for the Russian dictator to “nuke the empire of lies — the time is now!”

The same man also seems to be the poster for a YouTube channel focused on his hunting prowess.

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