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WATCH: Republican Former Congressman Spills On January 6th Hearings — Says America “Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet”

WATCH: Republican Former Congressman Spills On January 6th Hearings — Says America “Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet”

The January 6th Committee has been doing an excellent job of avoiding leaks, keeping their cards close to their collective chest and releasing information in a very controlled manner. However, one individual who used to assist the panel is willing to share a little more of his own experience witnessing the data they’ve received — and he assures us that there’s plenty more to come.

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Denver Riggleman is a former Republican Member of Congress, and he’s shared his thoughts about the investigation before — in fact, Politico reported weeks ago that the panel was somewhat frustrated with his sharing regarding the text messages turned over by Mark Meadows. At that time, the Committee’s staff director, staff director David Buckley, said that for Riggleman, who had served as senior technical advisor to the group, violated his employment contract by sharing details, and that staff has now been instructed not to share any further information with the former COngressman.

That doesn’t mean Riggleman doesn’t have anything left to say, though. Sharing his views after Tuesday’s hearing, he said he believes that Cassidy Hutchinson (a former top aide to Mark Meadows, who testified in that proceeding) is a “bridge” to much more that the Committee will be sharing with the public.

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Riggleman said that he wants to be “very careful” what he shares — perhaps in part due to the previous scolding — but did talk about his own opinion and experience.

“I said initially Mark Meadows was the MVP of the Committee investigation. Today I think we see that Mark Meadows is the Rosetta Stone…He was sort of the pivot man for everything that was happening between these groups, and also up to the president…I have the unique insight into being the first to see some of those text messages…[the Committee] automatically knew that, with what they saw in text messages, there was a story here that they can break apart….there’s a thousand text messages that we know that we haven’t seen, that he said were privileged…I don’t think the American public has seen anything yet. I actually believe Cassidy Hutchinson was the bridge to the following hearings, based on the operational plan and the data the Committee still has in its back pocket.”

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