WATCH: Reporter Details Kevin McCarthy's Shove of Fellow GOP Rep.

Earlier this year, after Republicans took over control of the House, Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker. It wasn't easy for him to get there as he had to endure several humiliating votes. 

And he didn't stay in the position very long either. McCarthy was removed from his position by the Democrats in the House and a handful of Republican Reps. One of those congresspeople was Tim Burchett from Tennessee. On Tuesday, McCarthy seemingly got his revenge by elbowing Burchett. 

During the incident, the Tennesee lawmaker was being interviewed by NPR's Claudia Grisales. Grisales told Morning Joe on Wednesday, "It was very stunning," Grisales said. "This is a tradition [on] Tuesday mornings when Republicans meet in a nearby conference room in the basement area, and we often talk with members as they pull off to the side of this hallway."

Grisales continued:

"Burchett had done the same, came to the side to talk to me. He said one sentence to me before he was shoved. He lurched into me. We were about two feet apart, he probably lurched about a foot in front of me, so it was just a very shocking moment. I look over, it's McCarthy and his detail. They are not stopping at all during that entire confrontation. McCarthy is looking back to respond to Burchett and deny it and chuckling at one point when Burchett was saying you're a pathetic man. I cannot believe I just saw that."

McCarthy has disputed the claims, but the NPR reporter noted, "He was shoved, and because he lurched into me, and also, it was clear to me, I thought, initially it was a joke. But then a few seconds pass before I realize, this was not a joke at all."