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WATCH: Reporter Asks McEnany Why Trump Keeps Hiring “Dumb” People

WATCH: Reporter Asks McEnany Why Trump Keeps Hiring “Dumb” People

Donald Trump tends to be quite hyperbolic about the people he brings into their administration. He often lauds them as being the best as what they do, possibly even the greatest ever. By the time these hires leave his administration, however, Trump blasts them as overrated or stupid.

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This was certainly the case with former National Security Adviser John Bolton. On Thursday the President called his former NSA a wacko who, “made up lies.” During Friday’s press briefing, Pete Alexander asked Kayleigh McEnany why Trump keeps hiring people who reveal themselves to be incompetent.

The NBC News reporter queried, “Why does the president keep hiring people who are ‘dumb as a rock,’ ‘overrated,’ ‘way over their heads,’ ‘wacko,’ and ‘incompetent.'”

McEnany responded, “The president makes hiring decisions based on the fact that he likes to have countervailing view points. I spoke to him this morning about the hiring of John Bolton in particular and he said, ‘I like to counterbalance my own opinion with individuals that oftentimes have the very opposite opinion of my own.’ He likes the model of having a team of rivals, like what we saw in President Lincoln’s administration.”

Alexander countered, “if you’re going to hire rivals why hire rivals who are ‘dumb as a rock,’ ‘overrated,’ ‘way over their heads,’ ‘wacko,’ and ‘incompetent’? How does that help the president?

“Well sometimes the rivals prove those labels to be true and that’s particularly true in the case of John Bolton, who repeatedly praised the president, then turned,” said the Press Secretary. “He’s been widely criticized by the New York Times for his book. I think John Bolton has proven himself to have those labels as true.”

Watch a clip of the exchange below:

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