WATCH: Rep. Ted Lieu Mocks Donald Trump’s Water-Drinking Skills In ‘Campaign Ad’

Representative Ted Lieu can drink water too, as he demonstrates in a new ‘campaign ad’ he says was produced by his kids. In the 13-second clip, Lieu mocks Trump, who, at his weekend campaign rally in Tulsa, proved that he could, indeed, drink from a glass, lifting it with only one hand. The president was responding to speculation that he was unwell after he appeared to have difficulty lifting a glass during a speech at West Point a week before.

Ted Lieu can drink water, runs for Congress
[Screenshot via Twitter/Ted Lieu]

The whole story can be laid out in a video progression. First, Trump seemed to struggle with sipping water during his West Point address.

This led to speculation about the president’s health. He responded to that at his Tulsa rally Saturday night, by lifting a glass with one hand and drinking from it successfully, then throwing the glass aside. The crowd responded uproariously, cheering, clapping, and shouting a chant of “Four more years! Four more years!”

Conservatives cheered this feat of strength — one congressional candidate even shared it as evidence that he’s the “greatest president ever.”

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) took a different direction, mocking Trump’s skills in a 13-second video that he calls, “my first campaign ad.” Like Trump, Lieu sips water from a glass, then throws it to one side.

Trump also re-enacted, at his Tulsa rally, the entire episode in which he struggled to walk down a ramp after his speech at West Point, describing the event in detail and explaining that his shoes were to blame.

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