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WATCH: Rep. Madeleine Dean Thinks Jim Jordan Could be Subpoenaed by 1/6 Commission

WATCH: Rep. Madeleine Dean Thinks Jim Jordan Could be Subpoenaed by 1/6 Commission

A number of Republican lawmakers became stars during the presidency of Donald Trump. It wasn’t because of their competence, though, it was because they were willing to humiliate themselves for the former president. And nobody humiliated themselves on a more regular basis than Jim Jordan.

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The Ohio Rep. was such a Trump sycophant, in fact, that many are wondering about his communication with the former president on January 6th. According to Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, the 1/6 commission could very well look into questioning him.

The Pennsylvania Rep. made the comments during a Tuesday appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s show. She told the host, “I think that’s a very serious possibility in likelihood. I’m not serving on this committee, but I did have the solemn honor to serve on impeachment number two. I was speaking with Jamie Raskin during votes today. What we see from somebody like a Jim Jordan is an inability to string together a sentence because he would have to be trying to tell the truth or hide the truth.”

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Dean continued:

What we also see from what the committee is doing and what Liz Cheney is so correctly saying is just simply, what were you doing? What did you do? When did you do it? Who were you with? How did you support it? Or how did you push back against an insurrection incited by the President Of the United States? I am proud of the committee for their vote last night, of course, to move forward.”

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