WATCH: Rep. Jaime Raskin Wittily Bashes GOP House Oversight Members

With so many important issues facing the American public, the GOP-led House Oversight Committee decided to call Anthony Fauci in front of Congress on Monday. They weren't calling him to ask questions, though; they called him so they could publicly insult him yet again. 

Georgia lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene led the disgraceful attack against the venerated doctor. While she got the attention she desperately sought, two of the Democrats on the committee cleverly bashed her. 

At one point during her time, Greene said, "Mr. Fauci, because you’re not Doctor. You’re Mr. Fauci in my few minutes." That was too much even for the Republicans as Chair James Comey demanded that Greene refer to Fauci. 

When he got the chance to chance to question Dr. Fauci, Democratic Congressman Robert Garcia remarked, "This might be the most insane hearing I’ve attended. I lost both of my parents during the pandemic, so I take this very personally, especially when other members of this body – who are tasked to be responsible and actually help the American people — attack medical professionals like you."

During his time, Congressman Jaime Raskin said to the Doctor, "They are treating you like a convicted felon. Actually, you probably wish they were treating you like a convicted felon. They treat convicted felons with love and admiration. Some of them blindly worship convicted felons."