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WATCH: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Goes Scorched Earth on ‘Hater’ Clarence Thomas

WATCH: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Goes Scorched Earth on ‘Hater’ Clarence Thomas

A few weeks back, it was revealed that the wife of a Supreme Court justice had texted Mark Meadows ideas about overturning an election. At any other time in history, it is likely that Clarence Thomas would be forced to resign from his position. Instead, GOP lawmakers turned a blind eye and Conservative media completely ignored the situation.

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During a Wednesday floor speech, Hakeem Jeffries was focused on not letting Thomas get off so easy. The New York Rep. ripped into the Supreme Court Justice.

Jeffries began, “If Justice Thomas really wants to deal with bullying in America, or this problem of people supposedly unwilling to accept outcomes that they don’t like, I’ve got some advice for Justice Thomas: start in your own home, have a conversation with Ginni Thomas.”

The Rep. closed:

“And lastly, let me ask this question of brother Thomas: Why are you such a hater? Hate on civil rights. Hate on women’s rights. Hate on reproductive rights. Hate on voting rights. Hate on marital rights. Hate on equal protection under the law. Hate on liberty and justice for all. Hate on free and fair elections. Why are you such a hater?

And you think you can get away with it – escape public scrutiny. Because you think that shamelessness is your superpower? Here’s a newsflash from the House Judiciary Committee. Truth pressed to the ground will rise again. And truth will be your kryptonite.”

Watch a clip of the speech below:


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