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WATCH: Raskin Says Trump May Have Destroyed WH Septic System by Flushing Docs

WATCH: Raskin Says Trump May Have Destroyed WH Septic System by Flushing Docs

Trump and Ohio

There were several revelations this week about Donald Trump and his treatment of sensitive documents. The former President reportedly took papers down to Mar-a-Lago, shredded them,, and ate them.

Trump and Ohio
Photographer: Maddie McGarvey/Bloomberg via Getty Image

The New York Times Maggie Haberman recently reported that Trump also flushed classified papers down the toilet. Congressman Jamie Raskin discussed the issue with Erin Burnett on Friday night.

The Maryland Rep. told the CNN host, “Donald Trump has the same obligation everybody else we’re in touch with has, which is to turn over everything in his possession. The Presidential Records Act makes it clear that all of the documents that he transacted in as president belong to the American people. They don’t belong to him. He knew that.”

After Raskin explained that the 1/6 committee has requested several documents from the former President, Burnett asked, “Are you confident that you are going to get what you are ask for?”

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The Congressman responded, “Well, we’re clearly not gonna get the ones he flushed down the toilet. Although, we may have solved the mystery of why Donald Trump kept saying that toilets don’t work anymore and you have to flush 10 times. He may have destroyed the entire septic system over at the White House. So, we’re not gonna get those back.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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