WATCH: Rand Paul Blames Biden For Vaccine Hesitancy

Rand Paul delivered a stunningly snide, uniformed scientific dissertation Sunday morning. Appearing on the Fox show “Sunday Morning Futures” the Kentucky Republican senator offered a series of preposterous, unfounded reasons why some Americans are refusing to get a coronavirus vaccine. Principal among them: President Joe Biden wearing a mask.

The once-credible Bartiromo teed up the science-denying Paul thusly: “This past week President Biden had a climate summit and I thought it was really ironic that Xi Jinping was one of the featured speakers since China is, of course, the world’s biggest polluter. But look at this shot of the virtual summit – this was a virtual summit lead by the White House. The only one wearing a mask is Joe Biden. You’ve got leaders from across the world sitting there virtually and he’s got a mask on. What do you make of this?”

Paul, who verbally sparred with Dr. Anthony Fauci at a congressional hearing last week, played right along.

“I guess it means that Dr. Fauci has now determined that can get COVID, you can catch it from your webcam,” he said. “That’s the only thing I can can conclude. But really it’s silly and this type of theater really is distracting to people who need to go out and get the vaccine. We have a lot of people, particularly those over 40 and those who are overweight who all need to get the vaccine.”

That’s when the Kentucky Republican pivoted to trying to blame the president’s demonstration of responsible public health behavior for the hesitancy of some Americans – mostly middle age white Republican men – to get vaccinated.

“When Biden goes on the computer screen on a Zoom call and wears a mask,” Paul said, “he’s making a mockery of the science and this is dissuading people who are skeptical anyway. So if you want to convince people who are skeptical that the vaccine works show them that we have protection after we’ve been vaccinated.”

Paul then repeated the false claim that people who have contracted COVID-19, like Paul did, have immunity from being sickened by the disease again, saying, “Show them that after we’ve had the disease naturally that we have protection and don’t be excoriating people to keep wearing masks after they already have immunity.”

You can watch the entire exchange below, courtesy of Fox News.



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