[WATCH] Racist Who Pledged to Teach Grandchildren to Hate Is Now Apologizing

Kathy Jenkins who was caught on film yelling “KKK belief” at anti-racist protestors in Missouri is saying she is sorry. The apology is coming off as bizarre to many people. Jenkins is claiming that she blacked out during the incident and does not recall yelling hateful comments at protesters.

During the incident, Jenkins screamed that she was teaching her grandchildren to hate Black Lives Matter. She said, “I’m teaching them to fuckin’ hate all of you people.” She said this while waving a Confederate flag. Jenkins apologized in an interview with Ozark First. She said, “I’m so, so sorry. I mean, if it would help for me to stand with Black Lives Matter, I absolutely would do that.”

The problem with Jenkin’s claim that she blacked out is that the entire incident is on video and has been widely shared across social media. The video shows Jenkins dressed in a “Make America Great Again” hat and she even wore her Confederate flag like a cape at one point.

Now Jenkins claims that she does not support the KKK. She said to Ozark First, “I wasn’t saying I’m KKK or for the KKK. I was mocking them because I don’t like being called a racist.” Kenidra Woods, a mental health advocate says Jenkin’s words of hate “hurt me to my core.” She added in a tweet, “I was in Branson MO w BLM when Kathy Jenkins said she would teach her grandchildren to hate us. It hurt me to my core. Here’s her ‘apology’: ”I mean if it would help for me to stand with black lives matter, I would absolutely do that”. This sounds performative as hell to me.”

Protest organizer Faith Pittser also does not believe Jenkin’s apology. She said to Ozark First, “She knew exactly what she was doing. She was there from the start on the counter-protesters’ side shouting obscenities and hateful words at our protesters.”




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