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WATCH: Racist Threatens to Call ICE on 17 Year Old Over Parking Space

WATCH: Racist Threatens to Call ICE on 17 Year Old Over Parking Space

Thanks to camera phones, more and more racists are being exposed while harassing people of color. A 17 year old named Ana Jaira Solis, had parked her car at a community park in Elk Grove, California.

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This action enraged an older man who confronted the teen and told her to move her car. Solis was able to pull out her phone and capture a now viral video that features the man criticizing her English and threatening to call the authorities.


The man told the teenager, “take this f*****g car and get the f**k out of here. You park this car here again and I’m going to report you to ICE, you get that?”

When Solis asked the man what she had done wrong, he told her, “You’re f*****g taking a parking spot from a U.S. citizen.” He continued, “The cops are coming, I already called them… you need to move because you don’t belong here. You don’t live here, do you?”

The teenager told the man that she was an American Citizen and that she lives in Elk Grove. The man did not believe her and responded, “You barely speak English.”

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Solis shared the video in hopes that the man would be identified. She told the Daily Mail, “I want people to know that this still happens and also to be able to find that man and [make sure he does] not bother more people.”

The local police also took the teen’s side. Jason Jimenez of the Elk Grove Police, said, “As a parent, and someone in this community, obviously that behavior is appalling.”


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