WATCH: Racist Newsmax Host Claims Joe Biden is Trying to ‘Dilute The Suburbs’ With Refugees

Networks like Newsmax and OAN made their mark by being more extreme than Fox News. Facing competition for the first time, Fox hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham decided to ramp up their rhetoric. So now, the hosts of Newsmax have to be even more offensive and racist. During his Friday night show, Grant Stinchfield accused Joe Biden of diluting the suburbs.

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Stinchfield told viewers, “Joe Biden is waging war on the suburbs – suburbs that are literally being invaded. It is an invasion of poverty – low-skilled, uneducated future Democrat voters. That invasion originates on our southern border, of course. Open border globalists like Team Biden will tell you the next round of 80,000 Haitians and who knows how many more Central Americans is about compassion, they say. It’s not. It’s about the battle to dilute your neighborhood in an effort to turn it into a city center.”

The insane rant continued:

“All of this actually amounts to a war on minorities as rich, white, powerful Democrat elitists use those illegals for their own political gain and power grab. The fact is, the Democrats want to hold all people of color back. That battle starts in our nation’s underperforming schools. Pushing division, racist policies, all in the name of critical race theory.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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