[WATCH] Rachel Maddow: Trump Is Leading GOP Into ‘Madness’

As we continue to watch the implosion of what’s left of the Republican Party, it’s always glorious to see them being shredded by brilliant people who understand the political consequences of their inactions better than they do. And no one tears down the Republicans quite like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

While continuing to rule the cable news rating wars (go cry into your frozen dinner, Tucker Carlson), Maddow consistently takes the GOP to task in the same way a regular frustrated American who doesn’t have a nightly TV show might. Often as incredulous as we are, Maddow asks more “why” and “how” questions than can be answered, but she still gamely tries to solve the problem that is the GOP.

MSNBC/YouTube/Wikimedia; The White House/Flickr

On her show Thursday night, Maddow spoke to the fracturing of the Republican Party as many still cling to Trump, “most of whom do now believe that the 2020 election wasn’t real”, she said.

“It is objectively nuts. But it is real enough to them, because they prefer that to reality,” Maddow continued. “And importantly, because Trump keeps seeing saying it’s real. And because Republicans in states from Arizona to Georgia, to Wisconsin and beyond, they keep backing him up. Saying there was something wrong with the election in those states, something wrong that needs to be audited or recounted or investigated.”

“We`re about to enter into a particularly volatile time with this.” Maddow warned. “Because Trump is going to give a speech to the North Carolina Republican Party…In a fund-raising email about that speech, he is billing it as a presidential address. Because he is pretending to still be president. He sent out fund-raising text today, calling that speech an official presidential speech as if he is still president.”

Watch Rachel Maddow’s full segment, during which she says that no matter which route the GOP takes, they’re following Trump “into madness”.

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