[WATCH] Rachel Maddow on Plan for POTUS Biden to ‘Tyrant-Proof’ the Presidency

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow lectured Attorney General Merrick Garland on her show Tuesday night for what she believed was a mistake defending Donald Trump in a private court battle. A key piece of her argument was that the Department of Justice (DOJ) faces many things that must be reworked to ensure no President can do what Trump did ever again.

Maddow spoke to the testimony finally given to Congress by former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who confirmed the attempts by Donald Trump to obstruct justice, explaining that the Judiciary Committee could make a referral to the Justice Department to prosecute Trump based on the testimony McGahn gave.


MSNBC/YouTube/Wikimedia; The White House/Flickr

When former special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress, he told the body that Trump could be prosecuted once leaving office. Maddow cited a new Boston Globe report created as a blueprint for the Biden Administration. “Future-Proofing the Presidency” walks through all of the things that President Joe Biden and the executive and legislative branches must do to protect the country from another Donald Trump.

“We know from ongoing current court battles that under the former attorney general, under the Trump administration, the Justice Department never actually substantively considered the evidence against Trump and whether he should be charged,” Maddow mused. The Justice Department never looked at it. Now there’s no reason why they couldn’t look at it now. He is only a former president now. He is not protected by any Justice Department policy that would grant him immunity. Again, any takers? Is this all just going to slide?”

Watch Maddow’s take on Garland and how to “tyrant-proof” the Presidency, below.

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