WATCH: Rachel Maddow Celebrates the One Year Anniversary of Trump’s Bleach Advice

During her Friday night show, Rachel Maddow did a hilarious remembrance of Donald Trump’s bleach advice from one year ago.

Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit America last year, Doctors advising Donald Trump told him social distancing and masks were the best way to combat the virus. Trump, though, desperately wanted to keep the economy open. So instead of following the advice of experts, he made ludicrous suggestions. The most ludicrous of those suggestions was injecting poisonous bleach into the body.

Maddow recalled the moment last night, telling viewers, “It’s not through the skin. With the light, to get the light inside the body, if you’re not going to do it through the skin, how do you do it, hmm? A light, very powerful light. Also the disinfectant. How about — what’s the phrase exactly? Injection inside or almost a cleaning. Injection inside with the disinfectant. It would be interesting to check that.”

The MSNBC host continued:

“Is that what it sounded like? Like he was joking there? The poor Lysol people. Telling people not to inject Lysol or bleach has never been one of our problems before but it turns out presidencies matter. Choose wisely when you choose somebody for that particular gig, because as The Washington Post was first to point out earlier today, on the anniversary of the day then-President Trump suggested injecting disinfectants to fight COVID-19, the Justice Department announces it has indicted a Florida family for selling bleach as a COVID-19 cure.”


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