WATCH: Q-Anon Shaman’s Attorney Says Client Wasn’t A Leader; Proposes Graphic Use Of Memo Saying Otherwise

In an interview released this week, an attorney for Jacob Chansley, who has called himself the Q-Anon Shaman, denies that his client was in any way leadership of the movement or of the attack on the U.S. Capitol building last month. When he’s informed that there is a Justice Department memo saying so, he suggests a very graphic disposal of any such memo.

Chansley's lawyer, memo in rectum
[Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images]

Al Watkins, attorney for Jacob Chansley, was speaking to Adam Klasfeld for the Law and Crime podcast, Objections, when Klasfeld asked him about his client’s leadership role. Watkins denied that Chansley was a leader, and when Klasfeld said that a Justice Department memo had labeled him so, he declared he would print a copy of that memo and insert it into a bodily orifice.

You can hear the full episode here at Law & Crime Objections.

According to CBS, prosecutors’ assertion that Chansley was a leader of the movement was part of the reason they fought to keep him jailed and deny release on bail last month. They describe him as a “follower-turned-leader” of the Q-Anon movement, and describe social media posts in which he suggests actions including hanging lawmakers he sees as “traitors.”

Chansley in particular has been a subject of public interest, as he has released statements declaring that he acted on directives he believed then-President Donald Trump issued, requested a pardon before Trump left office, and has been a center of controversy as he refused to eat unless provided with an organic diet while detained.

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