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[WATCH] Putin Reportedly Suspects Betrayal From Within His Inner Circle

[WATCH] Putin Reportedly Suspects Betrayal From Within His Inner Circle

Yeah, paranoid delusional dictators are like that.

Vladimir Putin is allegedly looking for whoever leaked “the secret intelligence” about his planned invasion of Ukraine that the U.S. made public in the lead up to the war. As if he wasn’t going to pull something now that his puppet was out of the White House and he had a real American President to puff up his war chest at.

President Biden might have slipped and said out loud what we’ve all been thinking during his speech in Poland on Saturday, but he’s also a voice of reason while Putin plays “Will I or Won’t I?” with his nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles.

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But knowing that Putin is starting to suspect his nearest but never dearest of going after him is a fun thing to imagine while he’s also considering starting World War III just for the hell of it (literally). If he’s wondering who told on him, he’s going to have a tough time. While he’s surrounded by yes men (or, in Russian would it be “da” men? That seems way too cool to be a thing, so let’s say it isn’t) they don’t respect him, they’re just scared he’ll order someone to poison their food or push them out of a window. That’s probably enough to keep most of them da-vening (that’s a Jewish joke for those who don’t know) at Putin’s feet, but that doesn’t mean they’re also not friends with some intelligence-gathering types outside of the basement where Putin keeps them chained up (probably).

While it’s schadenfreude-ish to think about Putin sweating through his weird outfits while sitting alone at the end of a giant table, an increasingly paranoid Putin is an increasingly dangerous Putin. Ali Velshi filed this report on Saturday.

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