[Watch] Proud Boys ‘Deserve Medals ’Michelle Malkin Defends Them

Michelle Malkin, a far-right columnist has come out in defense of a hate group known as the Proud Boys while blasted Sen. Ted Cruz who spoke out against the group. Malkin said that she regrets ever backing Ted Cruz after he called the Proud Boys “bigoted idiots.” Malkin countered by saying that the hate group members “deserve medals for trying to save this country when it was still salvageable.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the Proud Boys as a hate group due to their weaponizing of racist rhetoric and the fact they often incite violent encounters. The group has also aligned itself with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. The creator of the hate group is Canadian host  Gavin McInnes who recently tried to distance himself from the group after several members were arrested for a violent brawl.

Andrew Struttmann blasted Malkin in an op-ed in the Denver Post where he expressed anger at the fact that conservatives in Colorado associate with Malkin. He pointed out that Malkin even spoke at a pro-choice rally earlier this month. Malkin shot back at Struttmann during the live broadcast when she said, “When he specifically talks about right-wing street brawlers, you know who he’s talking about? A lot of the young patriotic, brave, strong, proud men—Proud Boys—that I’ve been honored to meet across this country.” She continued, “They were right. They saw what we see now coming before anybody else did. Gavin McInnes has been de-platformed everywhere. The Proud Boys, the members, the chapter leaders across this country, many of them have had their jobs threatened, their lives threatened. These people know nothing about these young men and their love of their families, the love of their neighborhoods, the love of their countries.”

Malkin turned her attention to Ted Cruz after playing the audio of the Senator insulting the Proud Boys she said, “Shame on you. You are a bigoted moron, Ted Cruz. Screw you! These brave men put their bodies on the line while Ted Cruz and all the Conservative Inc. punditocracy urge people to get out there and fight for America and stand up for your rights. What have you done?”

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