WATCH: Prosecutor Explains Why Trump's Hush Money Payments Were Never About Protecting Melania

There is a Republican obsession with treating Donald Trump like a normal human being who does normal things and that extends to his marriage to Melania Trump. Despite clear evidence that the two don't very much like each other and the pairing is based on money, people still like to make the argument that Donald Trump cares about his wife. 

The former President is currently facing a case concerning his hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. On Friday, Palm Beach Country state attorney Dave Aronberg appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the claim that Trump made the payment to protect his wife. 

"I think Trump will try to use the John Edwards defense," the prosecutor began, "which is, these payments were not for campaign reasons, they were to protect his family."

Aronberg continued, "But that can be easily debunked. He'll try to say, I was trying to protect Melania from finding out. [Former Trump fixer Michael] Cohen and Stormy Daniels' lawyer first spoke about this affair in 2011 so this was known for years within team Trump — yet no money changed hands until two weeks before the election so that is really damaging."

The prosecutor closed, "Plus, as far as falsification of business records, why do that if you're trying to protect the information from Melania? Melania was not likely to pore over the books of the Trump Organization which is a private company. So why falsify the internal records to keep it secret from her, unless you knew it was a campaign election crime?"