WATCH: ‘Prophet’ Claims Biden Is Going Mad From Subverting God’s Will For America

Another day, another Trump-supporting prophet claiming that God really intended for Donald Trump to be re-elected, and that Joe Biden and Democrats somehow subverted the will of an omnipotent creator. This time, the self-proclaimed prophet goes a step beyond, claiming that to maintain this defiance of God’s plan is so devastating that President Biden is going mad under the strain.

[Screenshot via Robin Bullock/YouTube]

Robin Bullock was preaching this week and sharing what he believes was God’s will — for Donald Trump to serve a second term as President of the United States. In a clip below, caught by Right Wing Watch, he describes what he thinks the consequences are for President Biden.

It’s not clear where Bullock thinks Biden found the power to make nationwide changes against the will of God, but he’s warning that doing so is very difficult and is sure to do Biden mental harm.

Bullock isn’t the only purported ‘prophet’ who’s grappling with the fact that, despite predictions from many of them, Donald Trump did not win re-election and is no longer in office. Just yesterday, we reported on another, Jeff Janson, who claims to be completely certain that by June, there will be some significant change of events that will result in Trump returning to the White House and resuming the presidency.

To be entirely clear, if Joe Biden was removed from office, there is an Order of Succession in place. The next in line for the office would be Vice President Kamala Harris, followed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Former President Donald Trump is not anywhere on the list.

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