WATCH: Prophecies For A Second Trump Term Go “Poof”

Christian evangelicals’ fervent support of Donald Trump took many of them to extremes over the past four years. They gave money – lots of money – to his campaigns. They staged rallies for him and invited the least Godly person ever to serve as president to speak at their prayer breakfasts and other events.

Many of them also boldly and confidently issued prophecies that the almighty had guaranteed that he would serve a second term. As the twice-impeached Trump has left the White House for the last time at the end of his one disastrous four-year term and Joe Biden is being sworn in as 46th president, today is the perfect time to reminisce at those failed prognostications.

It’s more or less a greatest hits compilation of the wild rantings of Pat Robertson (“God spoke to me. President Trump will be reelected handily. He will win the election handily.”), Curt Landry (“Donald Trump is gonna win this election and it’s gonna be a red tsunami”), Sid Roth (“I am speaking from the future and I am going to proclaim that Donald Trump will be president of the United States in Jesus’ name”), James Goll (“I believe it is the will of the Lord for Donald Trump to be reelected”) and others.

Our friends at Right Wing Watch conveniently put together this compilation. Enjoy.


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