[WATCH] Pro-Trump Counties Record 3x As Many COVID19 Cases as Pro-Biden Counties

Once again, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to Biden supporters versus Trump supporters. Unfortunately, the new contest between them is being counted in lives, not votes.

The higher death tolls from the Coronavirus have been recorded in most Republican counties vs most Democratic ones, according to a new report from Christopher Ingraham.


Ingraham writes that several months into the Delta Variant wave, the data are clear: over the past month, people living in the most staunchly Republican counties have been three times more likely to die of Covid than those living in Democratic strongholds. While the disease doesn’t make political distinctions, Republican attitudes, conspiracy theories, and policy failures have created conditions in which the Delta Variant can thrive:

In counties where Donald Trump got fewer than 20 percent of 2020 presidential votes, for instance, there have been, on average, fewer than 5 Covid deaths for every 100,000 people since July 31, 2021 — roughly the start of the latest wave of death corresponding with the Delta variant. In places where he got 80 percent or more of the vote, on the other hand, the death rate is closer to 15 per 100,000. Across all counties there’s effectively a dose-response relationship between Republicanism and Covid mortality: as the share of Republican voters increases in your county, your likelihood of dying from the disease rises as well.

With the vaccines, deaths from COVID are largely preventable. But the MAGA movement to eschew masks and vaccines has now gone beyond even Trump himself, who was resoundingly booed last month at a rally in Alabama when he encouraged the crowd to get vaccinated. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes covered the disparity between the “Trump counties” and “Biden counties” on “All In With Chris Hayes” Wednesday night, once again highlighting the dual efficacies of the vaccines and the disinformation campaign from the right. Watch the full segment, below.

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