WATCH: Pride Month Is Almost Half Over, But Tony Perkins Can’t Take Any More Rainbows

Religious leader Tony Perkins hasn’t been able to scroll Facebook in the last two weeks without encountering rainbows, and he’s had all he can take. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for those of us who are still fighting for equal rights and treatment for ourselves, loved ones, and our community) there are more than two weeks more of Pride month left.

[Screenshot via Tony Perkins/Facebook]

In fact, Perkins is so upset at seeing cereal brands and cartoons supporting equal rights for the LGBTQ community that he spent an hour on Facebook Live complaining about it, finishing by inviting ‘ex-gay’ Pastor Ken Williams, who spends his portion of the video explaining how Christians should (in his view) reach out to LGBTQ people and ‘lean in’ and express concern to bring them into the church — and out of their LGBTQ-ness.

A clip of Perkins complaints can be seen below via Right Wing Watch.

He opens with his concerns about “surviving the rainbow onslaught,” and complains that he “can’t turn on the television, shop for cereal, or scroll through Facebook without being hit over the head with LGBT Pride.”

He goes on to complain that LGBTQ people “used to” only want to be left alone and allowed to exist, but now insist on validation. He calls it a “forced sexual revolution” that there’s “no escaping.”

Of course, as mentioned above, he transitions easily from complaining that he’s forced to know LGBTQ people exist, forced to know that Pride month is in progress, and forced to validate it, into advising Christians on how to invalidate the identities of their LGBTQ friends and acquaintances, and how to try to stop them from being LGBTQ.

Who’s being persecuted here?

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