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[WATCH] Press Sec Drops “#PsakiBombs” on Conservative Twitter at Press Briefing

[WATCH] Press Sec Drops “#PsakiBombs” on Conservative Twitter at Press Briefing

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review

It didn’t take long for the new White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, to distinguish herself from her many predecessors at the podium in the Briefing Room. Respectful, informed, and down-to-earth with not a binder in sight. Psaki’s genial way with the media has so far served to begin a healing process between the White House and the press.

Psaki’s no-nonsense style has created a trend on Twitter, “#PsakiBombs”, with plenty of admiration for her deft handling of some members of the media who clearly aren’t used to someone who can speak with informed expertise while also telling them the truth. That inexperience with competency created a viral moment on Monday when Psaki shut down a reporter who tried to stir up a little trouble with a targeted question about President Joe Biden’s meeting with Republicans on a COVID relief bill.

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review
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“There are Democrats who are seeing that the first meeting the President is having face-to-face with lawmakers is with Republicans and not Democrats. Why is the White House doing that?” asked CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe.

“Are there any specific Democrats you want to call out?” Psaki asked in reply.

“No, but it’s been talked about,” he replied.

“Just people talking about it in hallways? Ok,” Psaki responded, effectively though politely dismissing the question he couldn’t back up, and sending a strong message to the press that gossip won’t be entertained in the briefing room.

One phrase Psaki relies on (instead of lying about something she doesn’t know anything about) is
“circle back”, meaning she’ll get a real answer to the questioner within an appropriate amount of time.


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Psaki was also asked about President Biden’s predecessor, who is preparing for his historic second impeachment trial.

See the viral “Conservative Twitter” moment, below:

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