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WATCH: “President Marjorie Taylor Greene” Georgia Rep & Alex Jones Discuss Her Future Plans

WATCH: “President Marjorie Taylor Greene” Georgia Rep & Alex Jones Discuss Her Future Plans

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) still uses the title of ‘President’ for Donald Trump, but she’s more than willing to fantasize about her own future potential for the office, and so is Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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When Greene appeared on Jones’ show, he opened with the notion of “President Greene.” He went on to put apparent great effort into puns like “we need a Greene agenda” and “go Greene with President Greene,” even pre-emptively accusing CNN of “spin[ning] that” to suggest he was “endorsing their fake green agenda, their communist agenda.”

“It’s a play on words,” he explained, in case any members of his audience didn’t catch that his guest’s surname and the word used for both a color and eco-friendly efforts were homonyms.

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As for Greene, her response is a bit chilling as she basks in the blatant flattery and offers a half-formed thought or two about what a “Greene agenda” would look like:

“Hahaha, well, Alex, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m a very strong supporter of President Trump, but in the future we’ll definitely see what happens. I’ll see what people think about something like that…My agenda would be all for this country, I just, I love our country, and I hate, absolutely hate, what the Federal government has done.”

Even in her short time in office, Greene has already been stripped of her committees for over her wild and often racist conspiracy theories; been the subject of complaints by colleagues who say she harrassed them; been accused of inciting violence; and been hit with fines equaling nearly half her annual Congressional income for refusing to follow House rules.

Does she sound like a good candidate to run the country?

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