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[WATCH] President Joe Cool Shuts Down Petty Peter Alexander With A Smile

[WATCH] President Joe Cool Shuts Down Petty Peter Alexander With A Smile

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made the major announcement on Tuesday that fully vaccinated Americans can go maskless when outside either solo or in small groups of otherwise vaccinated people. It was a moment so many had waited for, with Spring in full bloom and the hopes of a real Summer looming in everyone’s minds.

The President briefly met the press outside the White House after the updated mask guidelines were released, and among those barraging him was NBC News contributor Peter Alexander, who seems to still think a different guy is still in charge, because he tried to trip up the aviator-wearing President Biden with a question about his mask. And Joe Cool demonstrated that famous Biden Calm with a simple answer, the smile never leaving his face, proving once again to the world that you cannot Trumpify Joe Biden no matter how hard you try.


The President had just finished urging more Americans to get their Covid-19 vaccinations, pointing to the relaxed guidelines on mask-wearing as a reason to be vaccinated. “Go get the shot. It’s never been easier,” President Biden said, reminding the press that the 215 million vaccines already administered exceed the goal his administration had set for their first 100 days.

But that good news didn’t stop Alexander from trying a gotcha question with the President. “What message were you sending by wearing a mask outside?” Alexander yelled at the President.

“By watching me take it off and not put it back on until I get inside,” President Biden responded without missing a beat and never removing his trademark aviator sunglasses. He then walked back into the White House not wearing his mask, but he did put it back on before going inside.

Over on Fox News, anchor Sandra Smith honed in on the fact that Biden still wore a mask as he made his way, alone, to the lectern placed outside the White House. But the President got some unexpected backup from her co-anchor. “To give him the benefit of the doubt here, he said that he did that to demonstrate that you could take the mask off and leave it off,” said John Roberts.

See the moment between President Joe Cool and Peter Alexander, below.

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