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WATCH: President Joe Biden Calls Trump’s Big Lie A Big Lie

WATCH: President Joe Biden Calls Trump’s Big Lie A Big Lie

“The Big Lie is just that — a big lie,” President Biden said Tuesday, addressing Donald Trump’s continued push to convince Americans that he won the election he lost in 2020. The latest iteration of this conspiracy theory is a claim that Bill Barr, as Trump’s attorney general, was silencing people who had evidence of election fraud. (Read here to understand why that’s just not true.)

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On Tuesday, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, responded to these months of attacks on American democracy and the institution of elections. He called the right to vote one of the mostimportant and fundamental things that should be simple and straightforward in America, and scolded Trump for not accepting his loss.

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“The 2020 election was the most scrutinized election ever in American history…more than 80 judges, including ones appointed by my predecessor, heard the arguments. In every case, neither cause nor evidence was found…the Big Lie is just that — a big lie.”

Not done with Trump, Biden went on to scold, saying that in America, if you lose, you don’t try to take the country down with you, but accept the results and prepare to try again. “That’s not statesmanship,” President Biden said, “That’s selfishness.”

In fact, Trump is now facing legal difficulties, including an indictment against the Trump Organization and it’s Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg. During his time in the White House, Donald Trump argued that a sitting president could not face criminal charges — so he would certainly have expected to reap certain personal benefits from continuing to hold the office.

The full video is here, via USA Today.

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