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WATCH: President Biden Isn’t Letting Peter Doocy Get To Him Today

WATCH: President Biden Isn’t Letting Peter Doocy Get To Him Today

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is, to all appearances, one of the most constant thorns in President Biden’s shoe, since the day he took office. However, as Biden stood to speak about sanctions on Russia in response to the attack on Ukraine, he wasn’t letting Doocy break his stride.

US President Joe Biden takes questions after making a statement from the East Room of the White House about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine February 24, 2022, in Washington, DC. – Biden announced “devastating” Western sanctions against Russia on Thursday. After a virtual, closed-door meeting, the G7 democracies said they stand firm against Russia’s “threat to the rules-based international order.” (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Check out the clip below, for which Doocy is getting plenty of criticism. He asks Biden if the sanctions the U.S. is placing on Russia are really the equivalent of Russian tanks and bullets. According to RawStory, he’s getting a lot of blowback for the fact that he seemed to take both of the sides that Republicans are split down — in this clip, he seems to suggest Biden is too soft on Russia, but he separately asked if Biden still considered Putin a “worthy adversary.”

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Biden, however, doesn’t miss a beat. You can even see his amusement, and it’s clear on his face that he expects whatever comes from Doocy to be exasperating. Still, like a patient grandfather again refusing a cookie before supper, he keeps his tone gentle and doesn’t rise to the bait — he just affirms for Doocy that yes, he does think sanctions are currently sufficient.

“Yes. Russian bullets and missiles and tanks in Ukraine. Yes, I am.”

Previously, Biden has made it clear that he was frustrated with the reporter, even muttering under his breath the phrase, “Stupid son of a b***h,” although according to NY1, he phoned Doocy afterward to “clear the air” after the outburst.

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