[WATCH] “Portland Sheriff” Who Denounced Trump Donates to Biden

The first Presidential Debate Tuesday night created plenty of viral moments, but one particular gaffe from Donald Trump has inadvertently helped his opponent, Joe Biden, get more money into the Biden campaign’s coffers.

While discussing the topic of the protests in Portland, Oregon, during the Black Lives Matter protests, Trump bragged that he had just received an endorsement from the “Sheriff of Portland”. Soon after, Mike Reese, who is in fact the Sheriff of Multnomah County, where Portland is located, tweeted that he was not in any way a supporter of Trump’s. Reese’s tweet quickly went super-viral, garnering over a million Likes.

Now comes word that not only doesn’t Reese support Trump, he’s now donated twice to Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign, doubling his original donation of $500 to a cool thousand dollars.

Reese, a longtime Democrat, says both contributions are on behalf of him and his wife, Cindy.

“I support strong, ethical leadership, and I think that’s what we’ll get from the Biden-Harris campaign,” Reese told local Portland free newspaper the Willamette Week in an on-camera interview. “I want to focus on civility, leadership, and moving our country forward—and our community here forward.”

Portland has become a major political talking point ever since the Black Lives Matter protests took over a section of the city’s downtown area near the courthouse. While there have been incidences of violence, most of the instigators have been identified as those from extreme activists from both the left and the right, and have detracted from the original message of the peaceful mission of the BLM protests.

Watch Mike Reese’s full interview with the Willamette Week, below.

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