[WATCH] Police Deny Rumors That Auto Zone Riot Instigator Was Their Officer

It was alleged on the FaceBook In the NOW page that a Saint Paul police officer is the man seen in a video breaking the windows of the Autozone during the Minneapolis rioting. Video posted across the Internet shows what looks like a protestor in a tactical gas mask and boots being confronted by other demonstrators after breaking windows at an Autozone.

In the video, the man in black is asked if he is a cop. He just keeps walking, covered with an umbrella as other protestors accuse him of being in law enforcement. Later posts, allegedly identify the man as a Saint Paul police officer. Further fueling the belief were posts by the “officer’s” alleged ex-wife which said that she is 90 percent sure it is her ex-husband. She allegedly recognized his eyes, as well as, his tactical gear. The name of the officer implicated will not be published here. The name of the ex-wife is also unknown, therefore, Hill Reporter cannot confirm what she allegedly said.


The allegations on the Internet were sufficient enough to cause an immediate response from the Saint Paul Police Department. Later that night, the St. Paul Police Department released this statement on their Twitter account, acknowledging the post and clearly exonerated the “officer.”

The larger question is, just what IS fueling these attacks, and WHO are the participants? In an article published today on Raw Story, journalist Bob Brigham wrote an insightful article that looks at just why “fascists and neo-Nazi’s are infiltrating protests against police violence.”

The Daily Beast said this in an article on Thursday: “The Minneapolis protests this week—which resulted in fires and broken windows and reports of at least one adjacent shooting death—aren’t just drawing racial justice activists. They’re attracting attention from heavily-armed forces on the right. Some of them, members of a growing white supremacist movement, openly hope to co-opt the protests to start a race war.”

One thing we know for sure…there IS a race war going on today, and it is tragic.

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