[WATCH] Plaskett Blasts “Spineless” GOP For Failing to Convict Trump

Delegate Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands was a standout among the nine House Managers chosen by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to prosecute Donald Trump for Incitement to Insurrection at his second impeachment trial. A striking and commanding presence, Plaskett drew compliments for both her prosecutorial and sartorial skills.

Despite the fact that more members of Congress voted Guilty than Not Guilty, with a final vote total of 57-43, they failed to meet the required number of 67 to convict Trump of the crimes that even Mitch McConnell agreed Trump had committed. Republicans chose to lean on a semantic argument of whether or not a private citizen who had most recently been the president could be convicted after leaving office, setting a dangerous precedent for future White House occupants who might not want to leave when they lose an election.

Plaskett appeared on “The Sunday Show” on MSNBC and shocked host Jonathan Capeheart by not just speaking plainly of her Republican colleagues, but by saying exactly what most frustrated Democrats were thinking. She had already called them “spineless” during an earlier appearance on CNN, but Plaskett took it even further with Capeheart.

“These are not honest people,” Plaskett said. “Kevin McCarthy has changed his story numerous times. Vice President Pence, his own president came after him and tried to assassinate him and we still haven’t heard from him. What does that tell you about their fortitude, their loyalty, not only to the Constitution and the American public but to their own sense of honor and manhood, if I will even put that out there.”

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