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WATCH: Pioneering Journalist Connie Chung Had Her Own Donald Trump Interview Experience

WATCH: Pioneering Journalist Connie Chung Had Her Own Donald Trump Interview Experience

Clearly Donald Trump has a problem with strong women, with women of color and with women reporters. That combination of presidential insecurities is likely to be on full display at tonight’s president debate, which will be moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker.

Trump and the Murdoch media machine of Fox News and the New York Post have been working overtime in recent days to try to discredit and diminish Welker, calling her “biased,” “unfair” and “terrible.”

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Today, of course, Trump inappropriately released a recording of his “60 Minutes” interview with veteran correspondent Leslie Stahl. Although nothing about their interview this week supports his claim, Trump says Stahl “fake” and “biased.”

Thirty years ago, former CBS news correspondent Connie Chung had her own Donald Trump interview moment. It doesn’t look like anything has changed about Trump’s opinion of women during the intervening three decades.

Appearing Thursday afternoon on CNN with Brianna Keilar Chung summarized Trump thusly, “He doesn’t respect women. My husband (she’s married to TV host Maury Povich) and I used to see him at golf tournaments … he absolutely refused to acknowledge that I was physically there … as if I were invisible.”

Much like what happened this week when Stahl refused to sit quietly as Trump trotted out non-responsive lies to substantive questions, Chung experienced the same treatment during her 1990 interview with the then developer. She called him out, hard, when Trump claimed that he didn’t enjoy publicity.

Trump: “There’s no reason to expose yourself to millions of people.”

Chung: “Do you know why you do it? You love the publicity.”

Trump: “I hate the publicity.”

Chung: “Oh come on, get outta here. Oh please.”

Trump: “I sell very great condominiums in New York. I have the very best facilities in the world.”

Chung: “They aren’t that great.”

Trump tried to insist that he didn’t seek out publicity, that it just finds him because of his “great” building at 5th Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan. Chung wasn’t impressed: “It’s one building in New York – there’s a zillion buildings.”

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Not long after, Trump went to chapter two of his media playbook, telling Joan Rivers that Chung “is a disaster.” After all these years, Chung noted, “he needs to improve his vocabulary.”

You can watch the entire interview here, courtesy of CNN.

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