WATCH: Paul Ryan Blasts Tucker Carlson for His Interview With Putin

There was a time when Paul Ryan was considered to be the future of the Republican party. Instead, the Wisconsin Republican and former Speaker of the House left Congress after Donald Trump took over the Republican party. 

While he is still a Conservative, Ryan takes issue with much of what happened to the GOP. During a recent interview with the Washington Post's Paul Kane, the former GOP leader was asked about Tucker Carlson, who flew to Russia to interview Vladimir Putin. 

Ryan, who serves on the board of Fox News, said of the ex-personality, "Yeah, I mean, what they’re (Russia) going to try and do is build sympathy. What worries me more–and not just Tucker but that’s a symptom of all this–is that they’re curating sympathy in America."

The former Speaker continued:

"And they’re helping nurture and develop an isolationist wing in my party and in our country, which I think is very, very dangerous. They’re developing people who want to see NATO reduced or NATO not adhered to. Obviously, former President Trump is pushing this line as well."

Ryan closed, "And so what I see Tucker as, just one little chapter in that story. I didn’t watch that whole interview. I watched a little bit of it, but it just looked like a kind of an infomercial for Putin to be able to push his propaganda."