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[WATCH] Paul Manafort’s New Book Claims Trump Apologized to Ted Cruz For Insulting His Wife and No One Believes It

[WATCH] Paul Manafort’s New Book Claims Trump Apologized to Ted Cruz For Insulting His Wife and No One Believes It

Being Donald Trump means never having to say he’s sorry.

I mean, you’ll hear him say something like, “I’m sorry, it’s just true!” or “Sorry if you don’t like it,” but neither of those is an actual apology. Trump never apologizes because he intends to hurt someone’s feelings. Whenever he’s been called out for an insult against someone else, he’ll often just shrug and use the “Well, many people are saying…” or “I wouldn’t say such a thing, but someone else might say…” tactics. And when those don’t work, he’ll turn it around on the questioner or bring up some unrelated perceived slight against him. “What about what they say about Trump?” he’ll whine. Remember, kids, mixing malignant narcissism with Martyr Syndrome results in one hell of a toxic cocktail.


GAH. [Photo by Davidoff Studios/Getty Images]
Back in the days when people cared about politics more than clickbait (2015), GOP slimeball Ted Cruz (R-TX, as if I have to tell you) used to speak out against his then-political rival, Donald Trump. He said lots of critical things. And when Donald Trump called Ted Cruz’s wife a dog and suggested Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Ted Cruz got Big Mad.

And then Ted had to work with Trump and became both his toilet and bidet over the years. Never once have we heard the legend of Donald Trump finally apologizing to Cruz. Because Trump doesn’t apologize. And if he had made some sort of grand gesture, Ted Cruz would’ve made it his pinned tweet for life. Instead, Trump didn’t have to say anything because he probably found some sort of dirt on Ted and that’s how Ted ended up as Trump’s lapdog. And yes, that’s intentional.

So you’ll forgive me if I take the “news” that Paul “Miserable MAGA Manipulator” Manafort’s upcoming “book” (that I’m sure wasn’t completely ghostwritten and will be so much better than all of the other crapbooks churned out in the Simon & Schuster money-laundering Republican publishing racket) says that Trump apologized to Cruz with the tiniest grain of salt. Video or it didn’t happen, Paulie MAGA-fort.

Ted Cruz sold himself to Trump just like the rest of the Trump Crime Syndicate. Look at the power Trump has over him in this photo. You can almost hear him say, “Do I have to remind you what I know, RAFAEL?”

There’s not one redeeming quality amongst any of them. Paul Manafort shouldn’t be allowed to make money from a book deal. Anytime the DOJ wants to step things up with this crime syndicate, that would be great.


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