WATCH: Pat Robertson Says the Electoral College Has Spoken, Trump “Lives in an Alternate Universe”

Donald Trump rode into the White House in 2016 largely on the support of Evangelical voters. They may not have liked his personality or actions, but they sure liked what he was willing to do for them.

And while many Republicans have wavered on supporting Trump over the years, Evangelicals have been rock solid. So it is quite telling that founder of the 700 Club Pat Robertson recently told Trump that “it’s time to move on.”

The famed televangelist began by saying, “The Electoral College has spoken. I think the Biden corruption has not totally been brought to fruition. But it doesn’t seem to be affecting the Electoral College. And I don’t think the Supreme Court is going to move in to do anything.”

Robertson continued, “With all his talent and the ability to raise money and to grow large crowds. The president still lives in an alternate reality. He really does. People say he lies about this that and the other. But no, he isn’t lying. To him that’s the truth. He had the biggest crowd on inauguration day. He had more people than anyone.”

The televangelist finished, “But there was something about him that was good, that God placed him in that office. At the time, he’s done a marvelous job for the economy. But at the same time, he is very erratic and he’s fired people and he’s fought people and he’s insulted people. So it’s a mixed bag. And I think it would be well to say, you’ve had your day and it’s time to move on.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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