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WATCH: Pat Robertson Says It’s Not Global Warming, But New Ice Age, We Should Worry About

WATCH: Pat Robertson Says It’s Not Global Warming, But New Ice Age, We Should Worry About

Televangelist Pat Robertson has some advice for anyone who will listen: prepare for a new ice age. However, he wants to be really clear that he doesn’t believe global warming (a term used to describe the change in climate caused by a warming atmosphere) is a concern.

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In the clip below from Crooks and Liars, Pat Robertson lays out his concerns, along with the matters that he doesn’t think are worthy of concern. Specifically, he mistakes the extreme winter weather that has hit Texas for signs of a ‘new ice age,’ and he believes that the focus should be on a supply of non-renewable energy sources, including oil and gas and coal. He says we’ll need it to keep warm “when it really really gets cold.”

The full clip is here,

As the EPA explains here, Robertson may have one thing right, at least: if nothing is done to stall climate change driven by human activity, we can expect more severe weather events that would be considered unusual or unseasonable in their areas.

These include heavy precipitation events, as well as increased tropical cyclones, flooding and ice melt, and drought.

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That’s not all — the EPA also notes that, contrary to assumptions that are focused on a handful of localized unusual weather events like the current state of Texas, most areas have seen decreasing snowfall since the 1930s, and the length of time each year that snow covers the ground has reduced by about two weeks on average.

Contrary to Robertson’s claims, extreme weather events support, rather than refute, climate change.

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