[WATCH] Pat Robertson Prays For Biden to Be Indicted Before January 6th

The Evangelical Christians who inexplicably still cling to Donald Trump’s long red ties got another rebuke from karma on Monday when the Electoral College certified its 306 votes for Joe Biden, officially making him the President-Elect. Despite the fact that their Sky Daddy doesn’t seem to be listening to their prayers to somehow magically make Trump remain in office so they can keep pushing their anti-abortion agendas, they’re still trying to make Trump happen.

Witness Pat Robertson, who used Tuesday’s episode of “The 700 Club” as an opportunity to launch an unhinged rant at Biden, his son Hunter, and anyone else who might be at fault for Trump not securing a second term. Except Trump himself, of course.

Pat RObertson 700 Club screenshot
[Screenshot via The 700 Club/YouTube]
Robertson, who appears to be deflated, defeated, and roughly 124 years old, said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the thing we want to realize, if somewhere along the way, there is some kind of an indictment against Joe Biden, the electors have a perfect right, or at least Congress has a perfect right, not to certify the electors, and to go with other electors or to go with the sitting vice president or do a number of things, instead of certifying, so the game isn’t over yet. If the President-elect was involved at all with that, and if that probe will be expanded to include him, it is highly unlikely that Congress is going to certify those electors and put him into office, so, yeah. We’ll see what happens, okay.”

The game is indeed over, and the only indictments Robertson can expect will be against Trump and his main adult children in New York State.

If you’re feeling boosted by Biden’s win and want to enjoy a laugh at a sad old man’s expense, you can watch Robertson’s full remarks below.


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