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[WATCH] Pat Robertson: “God Told Me Trump Will Win, Bring in End Times”

[WATCH] Pat Robertson: “God Told Me Trump Will Win, Bring in End Times”

Four years into the Trump Administration, evangelicals are so willing to look the other way at every single one of his very un-Christian transgressions. As long as they get their packed Conservative SCOTUS, these allegedly God-fearing people have forgiven his three marriages, dalliances with adult film stars, overt racism and xenophobia, his tax evasion, impeachment, and everything else he’s been accused of, all in the name of keeping non-white, non-male Americans subjugated and living in the Dark Ages.

While those who don’t buy into extreme religion often poke fun at the evangelicals extremism, their dangerous rhetoric has real consequences when it comes to mobilizing the right. Scare tactics are the number one tool for the televangelists, and no one is more skilled at invoking prophecy in the name of stoking fear than Pat Robertson.

Robertson is now using his platform to warn viewers of “The 700 Club” that has God spoken to him once again, and this time the warning is the direst one yet: not only will Donald Trump will re-election, but his win will bring about the beginning of the End Times.

Claiming that “without question, Trump is going to win the election,” Robertson says his win will result in widespread civil unrest, during which there will be at least two attempts to assassinate Trump.

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While America is “engulfed in chao”s, Robertson predicted that Islamic nations will “use it as an opportunity to attack Israel but will be wiped out by God”, leading to “a remarkable time of peace.” Following “several years of peace and global revival”, the world will then experience the End Times’ “great tribulation” when an asteroid strikes the Earth.

Watch Robertson’s full remarks, below.

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