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WATCH: Pastor Promises To Kick Mask-Wearers Out Of Church

WATCH: Pastor Promises To Kick Mask-Wearers Out Of Church

“My body, my choice,” is the rallying cry of a wave of far-right influencers and the people who follow them. The ‘right’ they’re talking about, though, is to enter public places without covering their nose and mouth with a mask, even if the property owner requires it. Still, every now and then some right-wing influencer goes on a rant that shows it’s not actually about ‘choice’ at all — unless you make the same one they do.

[Screenshot via Greg Locke/YouTube]

Here’s Greg Locke. We know him already from such bizarre claims as when he insisted that the military had rescued a hundred sex-trafficked kids from tunnels under the White House, and that Biden was a “sex-trafficking demon-possessed mongrel” who was, along with Hollywood, “about to be exposed.”

Now, he’s promising that anyone who enters his church wearing a mask will be kicked out.

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So…personal choice, freedom? Maybe not so much.

Locke has made such a mission against COVID-19 and all related pandemic precautions that CNN reported back in May that there are families divided over him, following deaths. Chip Davis, the nephew one deceased follower of Locke’s preaching said that he wished the pastor would find the humility to admit he was wrong. He told reporters that he and some other family members didn’t even attend his uncle’s funeral, because they didn’t feel comfortable being in the presence of Locke, and that while they believe in personal choice, they think spreading misinformation is wrong and harmful.

Locke reportedly canceled his own interview with CNN only minutes before it was to take place, claiming on his Facebook page that God had told him to do so.

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