WATCH: Pastor Orders Congregation Not To Get Vaccinated, Promises Biden’s “Days Are Numbered”

Just last week, we reported on Pastor Greg Locke. At the time, he was warning his congregation about one particular behavior that could get them kicked out of his church. No, it wasn’t blasphemy, or rape or murder. What, then, could make a pastor kick out someone who came to hear his words? Mask-wearing.

[Screenshot via Greg Locke/YouTube]

Yes, Locke actually said he’d kick mask-wearers out of his church. After backlash, Locke returned to the pulpit this week to double down. Not only does he stand by his new rule that no one with a mask will be permitted in his church, but he’s also demanding that his congregation refuse vaccinations.

Check out the clip below. In less than two minutes, Locke fills a bingo card of conspiracies, politicking, and dangerous medical advice.

“I’ve been right about all of it…I am not apologizing for what I said on this platform last week. The Delta variant was nonsense then, it is nonsense now. You will not wear masks in this church. You will not wear masks in this church. I’m telling you right now, do not get vaccinated! Do not get vaccinated!”

He makes a quick segue from pandemic precautions to blatant political rhetoric.

“Joe Biden’s days are numbered! I said they’re numbered! I told you the whole time this election was fraudulent! We’ve got so much proof the only people who can deny it are crack-smoking demon-possessed leftists! Whooooo I’m about to tear this whole pulpit in half!”

Notably, there remains no credible evidence of widespread election fraud, a significant percentage of individuals dying of the Delta variant are those who are not vaccinated, and most pastors are not licensed to give medical advice.

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