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WATCH: Pastor Claims Military Rescued Sex Trafficked Kids From Joe Biden White House

WATCH: Pastor Claims Military Rescued Sex Trafficked Kids From Joe Biden White House

Conspiracy theorists have created a network of false stories around child sex trafficking. Most importantly, these distract from real cases and real efforts to protect children, but they also falsely implicate a long list of innocent people, without any evidence.

[Screenshot via Greg Locke/YouTube]

One of the especially wild stories claims that the U.S. Military found kids in tunnels under the White House, and performed a rescue, bringing as many as 100 out alive, but also discovering bodies and body parts. Q-anon fans happily adopted the story, claiming that it was proof that Joe Biden (and Democrats in general) are pedophiles and sex traffickers.

First, let’s get clear — this isn’t a true story. Politifact addressed it back in February, specifically tracing one false blog post to January 29th. (Q-anon seems to give President Biden a lot of credit — imagine a president who could build such an operation, with secret tunnels and all, in the first nine days after his inauguration.)

Well, you’ll never convince Pastor Greg Locke that it’s false.

In the clip above, you can see him ranting and screaming, calling Biden and others a “bunch of sex-trafficking mongrels”

“I don’t care what you think about fraudulent Sleepy Joe, he’s a sex-trafficking demon-possessed mongrel, he is of the left, he ain’t no better than the Pope and Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks and the rest of that wicked crowd!”

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Screaming an assurance the God is gonna “bring the house down” and “burn the whole thing down,” Locke promises that God will “expose Kamala Harris for the Jezebel demon that she is.”

Then he declares that pastors should address all this but fear seeming crazy — something that doesn’t worry him because, “I’m already crazy!”

Finally, he mocks an imagined questioner, who says “Do you really believe that the military uncovered tunnels beneath the Capitol Building and the White House…do you really believe they found kids?” and responds to himself, “Yeah, both live ones and dead ones, and if you disagree with that…you’re just as complicit as Hunter Biden and the rest of the crack-smoking perverts!”

Notably, it is true that there are tunnels running under buildings in D.C., some of which legislators use to move between buildings. It’s possible that some q-anon followers only learned this during the planning of the January 6th insurrection, and built it into their conspiracies.

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