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WATCH: Pastor Calls For “War” On Pro-Vax “Nazis” — & Claims Fauci Is New Josef Mengele

WATCH: Pastor Calls For “War” On Pro-Vax “Nazis” — & Claims Fauci Is New Josef Mengele

Several Republicans and right-wing influencers have compared COVID-19 preautions to the horrors of Nazi GermanyAnti-vax politicians have even claimed that requirements to take additional precautions, like wearing a mask or getting tested for the virus, when imposed on those who refuse to get vaccinated, are the equivalent of forcing Jewish people and others the Nazi regime attacked to wear emblems identifying them, such as the yellow star forced on Jewish individuals.

[Screenshot via Right Wing Watch/Twitter]

Now one anti-vaxxer, Rick Wiles, a right-wing preacher, is calling for war on the people he deems the new Nazis — and if you support vaccination programs, he includes you in that group. Moreover, he specifically identifies Dr. Anthony Fauci as the “American Josef Mengele” — suggesting an equivalency between the infectious disease expert that has led the nation in fighting the AIDs epidemic, fending off Ebola, and now addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, and the infamous doctor who, under Adolf Hitler’s regime, performed inhumane medical experiments on prisoners who were locked up for no greater ‘crime’ than their identities.

Wiles insisted that people who are vaccinated will start dying in a year or two, and that children who are vaccinated would die of heart attacks at a young age, despite all the evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and that being infected with the virus has long-term effects even in many survivors.

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“Those of you who are really big supporters of the vaccination program, whether you realize it or not, you are a new Nazi. You are part of a Nazi propaganda operation. This is a global Nazi operation. This is mass genocide, the killing off of maybe one to two billion people, if they’re not stopped. They’ve vaccinated vast numbers of people in many countries…These people are going to die in the next one to two years. Now they’re vaccinating the children. They’re gonna kill off the little innocent children. These children are going to have heart attacks at age five and six…We went to war to stop the Nazis. We’ve got to go to war now to stop these Nazis. Fauci is America’s Josef Mengele. He’s a madman, and he’s being allowed to run free! He’s killing people…Bill Gates is a mass murderer.”

Fauci reported last year that his family was facing violent threats as Donald Trump and others pushed COVID-19 denial rhetoric and opposed the measures that he and the CDC recommended.

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