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WATCH: Pastor Blames Vaccinated For Killing Others With ‘Bioweapon’

WATCH: Pastor Blames Vaccinated For Killing Others With ‘Bioweapon’

Having recovered from COVID-19 and been released from the hospital, Pastor Rick Wiles is still searching for someone to blame. He’s already blamed China and Milo Yiannopoulos, and now hes latched onto a new conspiracy theory that pushes antivax rhetoric beyond imagination.

[Screenshot via Right Wing Watch/Twitter]

In fact, Pastor Wiles says, it’s not the unvaccinated who are spreading COVID-19, despite evidence showing that most people being hospitalized with, and those dying with, the Delta variant are those who refused to be vaccinated. Instead, he believes that it’s actually vaccinated people who are, by some method he doesn’t quite explain, actually making others sick.

“We’re witnessing for the first time in human history, global genocide. Compliments of the Church of Satan,” Wiles declares, going on to declare that the people running the world are Satanists, that the Communist Party (by which he seems to mean China) is “the political arm of the Church of Satan.”

“They’re killing off massive numbers of people,” Wiles says.

Co-host Lauren Witzke agrees and declares that she shook thousands of hands on the campaign trail without catching the virus, and suggests that it’s really the vaccinated people who are spreading the disease, and that no one got really sick until they started getting vaccinated. (More than 600k people have died of COVID-19 in the United States.)

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The Wiles makes sure to pass the buck, saying, “My infection, and the explosion that we had here in our staff, among my family and friends, twenty-some people altogether, infected suddenly, I believe it came from a vaccinated person coming into this building who was shedding the virus.”

The CDC explains that this does not happen:

Vaccine shedding can only occur when a vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus. None of the vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. contain a live virus.

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