WATCH: Parents of Toddlers In Manipulated Trump Video Furious, Looking Into Legal Action

No American leader has ever used social media quite the way Donald Trump does. The President goes as far as sharing doctored images and memes made up from his supporters. He did so again on Wednesday night, sharing a doctored video featuring a white child and a black child greeting each other.

Trump fakes racist video
Screenshot from viral video

Trump’s video was condemned by Twitter users and flagged by the website as being manipulated. It was later removed for copyright infringement. On Friday night, CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed the Fathers of the two children featured in the manipulated media.

One of the parents, Michael Cisneros, told Lemon, “It was just so hurtful to see this video made of love and with the hopes to inspire hope amongst everyone out there. It was, you know, I just — I could not believe what we were watching. And you know, our phone was blowing up with everyone just reaching out for us to let us know.”

The other Father, Dan McKenna, was asked about Press Secretary Kayliegh McEnany’s comments that the video was funny. “I thought it was propaganda, to a base that we really — I was really aghast immediately when I saw it,” he responded. “It was not funny. I did see that press conference earlier, and I just was kind of — I couldn’t understand how someone would share something like that, to think it was funny. Calling — I’m not sure who they were calling, my son racist or what it was. But it’s — it made me very upset.”

The men also told Lemon that they will be looking into taking legal action against Carpe Donktum, the creator of the video.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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