[WATCH] Pam Bondi Voices Support For Federal Actions In Portland

Pam Bondi who once served as the Attorney General for the state of Florida made an appearance on Fox News on Saturday in which she voiced her support for the actions of DHS in Portland. It has been reported that unidentified federal officers have been detaining protesters in Portland by snatching them off the streets and placing them in unmarked vehicles. The backlash against the Trump administration has been massive with many demanding the officers be pulled out of the city. On the other hand, one person who is in support of the action is Pam Bondi which she expressed while being interviewed on Saturday.

Photo: OregonLive.com

Bondi is asked about the Mayor of Portland wanting the federal officers to clean graffiti from the city but not enforce laws. Bondi replies, “I think it’s the ultimate projecting on the Mayor’s part. What do you think? He’s not doing his job at all. You know, you see these great federal officers coming in and they are going to protect our federal buildings, our federal monuments, there are over 9,000 of them in our country and they will protect them and I’ll tell you what, the people of Portland are probably very, very glad they are there to help. There’s a reason, Griff, why the National Organization of Police endorsed President Trump. Last time they endorsed Biden and Obama, but this time, they endorsed President Trump. All law enforcement officers around this country appreciate the law and order President that we have in Donald Trump. This is unreal that our Mayor is telling law enforcement whether they’re state, federal, local, go away, we don’t want you. Look at that scene right now that you’re showing. That’s absolute chaos there and around our country. so we have to support our men and women in law enforcement, Griff.”

The host then asks Bondi if there is any way to override the Mayor of Portland. Bondi responds, “Well the problem really arises in Portland it’s the Governor could come in and do something. You notice we don’t have these problems in Florida. We have Democrat Mayors, Republican Mayors and they all get along in our state because they are law and order. You showed something earlier Griff that was really interesting. It was that little infant in New Jersey being saved by the Transit Officers. Those are sworn police officers in New Jersey. Those are the exact kind of officers that all of these liberal mayors around our country are trying to do away with. That’s what our good men and women and police do every single day. Those guys went out there and they saved an infant’s life. That’s happening all over this country and not being reported yet they’re not respecting them, and these mayors need to step up because they are being paid by the taxpayers.”

Bondi’s response sounds alarming to many as it seems she is showing support for authoritarian measures being employed by the Trump administration. Trump and his allies have been very frustrated by the continued unrest that resulted from the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Trump has even faced protests at the White House and protesters show no sign of stopping. Although George Floyd was the tipping point, many say the unrest is about much more than police brutality and racism. For many, it is about breaking a corrupt system that has been allowed to fester for too long. Many see the actions of the federal government in Portland as the state showing its true colors.

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