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WATCH: Pam Anderson an Meghan McCain Spar Over Julian Assange

WATCH: Pam Anderson an Meghan McCain Spar Over Julian Assange

Wikileaks, the organization founded by Julian Assange, played a role in the 2016 United States Presidential election. Exactly what kind of relationship Assange had with Russia is unknown, but Wikileaks did leak information that was harmful to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. That information was reportedly given to them by the Kremlin.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Assange, who was kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy earlier this year, now resides in an English prison. Pamela Anderson, who has a relationship with Assange, appeared on The View this afternoon. During the broadcast, Anderson got into a stirring argument with Meghan McCain, who referred to Wikileaks founder as a “cyber-terrorist.”

McCain said of Assange’s current situation, “When you visited him, he was allegedly kicked out of the Ecuadorian Embassy because he was defecating everywhere and creating messes.”

Anderson angrily responded that these claims against the Wikileaks founder are due to a “smear campaign.” She asked, “What would you do if you were locked in a prison for six years?” To which McCain said, “I wouldn’t be a cyber terrorist, which he is.”

For once, co-host Joy Behar was seemingly on McCain’s side during an argument. She asked Anderson, “A lot of people think Assange conspired with Russia by leaking hacked emails, which hurt Hillary Clinton. Is he responsible for giving us Trump?”

Behar then asked if Assange was a Trump supporter. His friend replied, “No. No! I was with him. He wasn’t helping Trump, he was trying to tell the American people true information that Hillary Clinton was doing so people could make an educated choice. And I think FBI kind of put the nail in that coffin.”


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