[WATCH] Oregon GOP Trying To Elect QAnon Conspiracy Theorist To US Senate

Jo Rae Perkins has won the GOP Senate nomination for Oregon.  She is also a member of the QAnon conspiracy group. She made sure there was no doubt that she is a believer. She attempted to qualify her belief in an interview after winning the nomination. She said to ABC News, “My campaign is gonna kill me […] How do I say this? Some people think that I follow Q like I follow Jesus.  Q is the information and I stand with the information resource.”

Perkins won the nomination on Tuesday with 49.3 percent of the Republican vote. This win has crowned her as the first QAnon believer to win a primary for U.S. Senate. At first, her campaign tried to deny any influence on Perkins by the controversial conspiracy theory in a statement released on Wednesday. The statement reads,  “I was not endorsing Q/Anon, but rather stating that I appreciate the fact that there is still free speech in this country that allows for voices—including whistleblowers from both sides of the aisle—that may, or may not, bring to light issues Americans need to be aware of.”

Perkins seemed to back away from the denial in an explosive statement to ABC News on Friday. She said,  “I scanned it and said, yeah, it looks good to me and out it went. And then I saw it afterward and I am like, literally was in tears, literally physically in tears because I’m so blown away. Because I went, crap, that’s not me. And I don’t back down.” Perkins added, “I’m not backpedaling and I’m frustrated. I feel like I’m having to backpedal and that’s like torn me up because that’s not me.”

Perkins will now face Democratic incumbent Jeff Merkley. Merkley’s campaign did not comment. Neither did Q (He could not be reached for comment).



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