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[WATCH] (Or Don’t) Spotify Can Ignore Joe Rogan’s Medical Disinformation, But How About The Rampant Racism?

[WATCH] (Or Don’t) Spotify Can Ignore Joe Rogan’s Medical Disinformation, But How About The Rampant Racism?

You should be warned before even starting that the video embedded in this story is beyond disturbing. You won’t want to play it in your workplace or in public…or, to be honest, probably at all, unless you’re super-comfortable with the n-slur. Fortunately, there’s plenty to support Rogan’s history of blatant racism without actually watching the video, if you prefer not to.

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Spotify is, as you may know, under a lot of pressure to kick Joe Rogan’s podcast off the platform due to his use of it to push medical disinformation, inviting anti-vax guests and promoting ivermectin and other unsupported treatments for COVID-19 in the midst of a pandemic. Of course, those who remain skeptical of expert opinions on the pandemic also defend him on those grounds, because they believe he’s providing legitimate ‘alternative viewpoints.’

However, perhaps a bigger question is whether anyone at Spotify can defend this. (Final warning: this is the video that you probably don’t actually want to hear, and it’s a compilation of Rogan using the n-slur dozens of times. It is genuinely awful and painful to hear.)

Even without that, there’s a lot of documented history of Rogan’s racism, including the recent podcast in which he and Jordan Peterson discussed which people are allowed to consider themselves “Black” (they decided that the identity should be reserved for people living in Africa and wearing no clothes), and more from over the years.

Then there’s this clip from 2019, in which Rogan recounts his experience of going to watch Planet of the Apes in apparently a predominantly Black neighborhood — he says, “We walked into the planet of the apes. We walked into Africa. Dude, we walked in the door and there was no white people.”


OkayPlayer also documented the excuse Rogan made for his long history of using the n-slur in broadcasts.

“It’s not real racism. It’s a joke.”

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